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Wedding planning in Cedar Rapids, IA
Racehorse Royalty is a private floral studio located 2.5 miles west of the Edgewood and Blairs Ferry Rd. intersection. Surrounded by white horse fence and acres of open land which provides a beautiful backdrop for creating unique designs.

Whats in a Name?

Ours was created by our life long love of horses. We started rescuing race horses over 20 years ago and the name stuck.


Relaxed Atmosphere (No interruptions, no phones or other customers during our Free Consultations)

Meticulous about every Detail

Unique Touches that reflect Your Style

Exceptional Customer Care

Your theme, Colors and Personality reflected in your flowers.

We take your logos, themes and visions and turn them into spectacular events.We work closely with your team to create original and always exceptional designs.

Racehorse Royalty

6505 Blairs Ferry Rd

Cedar Rapids, IA 52411


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